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Sterile dental gauze tampons, made of hydrophilic unwoven medical fibre,  contains ca 0,45 ml Tubulicid Blue Label, with the pH=7,3 for single use.

  • sterilized with gamma rays, D=15kGy
  • highly elastic and soft, do not fray on the edges,

Rp.Amphoteric-2(38%)-0,3g; Benzankoniumchlorid-0,1g; EDTA – dinatrium dihydrat-0.2g; Fosfat buffersol. ph +7.3; Aq. dest ad 100g.


  • applied before and after extractions of teeth accelerates the process of healing by first intention, prevents oral cavity inflammations in the postsurgical period,
  • thanks to its physiological value pH, it dose not irritate the mucous membrane and the skin;
  • disinfection the mucous membrane of oral cavity, vestibule of the nose, external auditory canal, reproductive organs and skin, all over the body;


  • before and after an injection (inserting the needle), before, during and after oral cavity treatments specially with patients with low immunity e.g. patients with diabetes, nephrosis, after Röntgen ray irradiation and especially the patients suffering from endocarditis for a period of 1-3 min.
  • dental surgery– disinfection of the mucous membrane: before injection,
  • during and after extraction of permanent and milk teeth: apply a T-x for 30 min. and cover with a common tampon; the wounds heal with primary adhesion; use during possible post-extraction pain,
  • endodontics: cleansing & disinfections of reamers e.g. K and H file after replacement of the devitalized or gangrenous pulp and before their re-use in the canal,
  • prosthetics and orthodontics: abrasions and cuts caused by clasps, infections of the oral cavity and prosthetic or orthodontic abrasions,
  • dermatology: disinfection of skin for 1-2 min. before applying ointments, gels, etc.
  • cosmetics: before and after operations such as piercing, tattoos, etc.,
  • hygiene: e.g. itching, cuts, burns no matter which part of the body, etc, for 30 min.


  • wash hands and pull the free corner of aluminum foil diagonally to reveal the tampon,
  • before tooth extraction position the folded gause on the area of the tooth
    intended for extraction for ca 2-3 min.,
  • after tooth extraction, position T-x on the wound in the maxilla or
    mandible giving it a “V” or “/\” shape and keep for 30 min.,
  • position in a similar way after each meal during 2-3 days after extraction,
  • apply in a similar way after periodontological and surgical procedures.

probability of sensitization is very low, there are no scientific reports on that subject.

keep out of the reach of children, keep closed at the temp. not exceeding 30’C.

1 leaf contains 32 (4 x 8) gauses, each folded 16 times.
Total area of the tampon: 10 x 8,5 cm.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years as of production date represented by series number.
1. International Journal of Pharmaceutics – 46(1988)141-7.
2. Magazyn Stomatologiczny – 2003,3,28-31 and: 2011,2,80-86.- Poland
3. TPS –2005,I,II,III,IV,V & 2006,VI,VII,VIII.- Poland
4- Dental Therapeutics AB, Sweden: The Improved Tubulicid B-L.

Certificat Tubulex received a positive opinion from SEMKO the Office for Registration of Therapeutic Products and Medical Materials.

Certificat: SEMKO – Sweden – CE 0413.

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