Bedsores  they are created in places where the bones are covered with a thin layer of skin. These are the outbreaks of dead tissue, going into skin ulcer, then subcutaneous tissue and even muscle and in the final phase – bones. The recourse is mostly – secondary. This is due to the long-lasting pressure causing tissue hypoxia. The most common pressure ulcers are formed in the region of: the sacrum, buttocks, ankles and on the heels. The cause of a pressure ulcer can be eg .:   cerebral palsy, after accidents and other, causing difficulties in moving in bed or unconscious. They can also arise within the mucous membrane.

  • fading redness – after slight pressure,
  • non-blanching redness – after slight pressure,
  • bedsheet covers the full thickness of the skin,
  • bedsheet covers the skin, subcutaneous tissue, possibly also the fascia and muscles, on the bottom there are necrotic tissues – black.

Photo-1: right leg, wound around the ankle on the front side approx. 1.5 x 3 cm. higher bladder 5x3cm,
Photo-2: enlargement of the wound – which maintains  for several months.

Photo-3: the same wound seen from the side,  dark skin color – the patient is diabetic, 
Photo-4: the wound seen straight …

Starting treatment with the aid of a tamp . Tubulex : 
Photo-5: after 1 week of use Tubulex : reduction of the wound and flattening of the bladder.
Photo-6: enlargement of the flat bladder,

Photo-7: enlarging the image of the wound ..,
Photo-8: similar photo after 2 days later during use Tubulex  

Photo-9: after 2 weeks of use Tubulex
Photo-10: the same wound seen from the front,

Photo-11: wound in the same on the day enlarged: cleansing of the epidermis, brightening and its growing inside the wound ..,

After 1 month of using the tamp . Tubulex : 
Photo-12: – healed wound,   the bladder can not be seen ..,
Photo-13: – enlargement of the healed wound, and clean epidermis,
Photo-14: – healed wound, in its place visible only depression, healthy and strong skin.

Wound at the beginning of treatment – it had the dimensions:   10×15   cm.    

Photo.1- a decubitus in the area sacrum bone – before starting using tamp.  Tubulex ..,

Photo.2- wound after 5 days application Tubulex ,      
Foto.3- wound after 10 days application Tubulex . there is a depression in soft tissues on 4-5cm, going … in towards the sciatic nerve.

There is also visible spontaneous cleansing of the wound and growing of the “island” of the new epidermis.

Foto.4– ulcers after 2 weeks of use Tubulex. 
Foto.5- bedsore after 3 weeks of use Tubulex.

Photo-6: decubitus after 4 weeks of use Tubulex , 
Photo-7: bedsore after 5 weeks of wound healing,

Photo. 8 – gradual cleansing of the wound bottom – but the recess towards the sciatic nerve keeps continue.

Up to this point , it can be observed that:

  • The wound color from intensely red has changed   – light-red,
  • on the vertical walls of the depression – you can see the signs of a young growing epithelium ..,
  • embankment ” pressure ulcer has become less hard – means more flexible,
  • slowly gives way to pain and numbness of the right leg …

Photo.9- a decubitus ulcer after 6-7 weeks – it has smaller dimensions:   6×6   cm
Photo.10- decubitus ulcer after 8-9 weeks – it is much shallower,   light pink, no pain,

Photo.11- decubitus ulcer after 10-11 weeks from the beginning of treatment,
Photo.12- decubitus after 12-13 weeks

  • no more depression, the bottom is raised,
  • it approaches the surface of the skin and is visible on its walls oblique growing new epidermis ..,
  • size: 5x5cm. – round shape,

Scheme:  for large areas of wounds or pressure ulcers (np.10x15cm)  we recommend the establishment of a tamp .  Tubulex according to the scheme: put on the bottom  3  tamp . completely unfolded and then have 10×8,5cm, and 2 ~ 3 on the sides, so as to cover it the whole circuit   pressure sores, then a thin foil  (pairing )  and bandage:

Photo-13: further healing of bedsores, 14 wk.

Note – the treatment continues …  the new documentation will be gradually supplemented.

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