Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot


Ankle area  belongs to the worst blood supply in every human body.  Wounds created there are hard and long-healing – despite the use of various means and “techniques”. Minor cuts, not always remembered by the patient – they are the cause their creation. Little germs (which are everywhere – even in hospitals!) – get into the wound, and in the wound he has it for feed, humidity and the right temperature for reproduction and is already wound – infused . These wounds in patients with diabetes, nephrosis or varicose veins – they heal even more difficult and longer.

Documentation the following shows how wounds get healed 88 a lukewarm patient suffering from diabetes.  

Photo-1: – leg of the right, wound in the area of ​​the ankle on the lateral side approx. 6 x16 cm, with scales engulfing the skin to around – the photo was taken at home, before going to the hospital,
Photo-2: – in the hospital in Przeworsk, applied   bright grid for 1 week, – as a result, even the initial symptoms of wound healing were not obtained …,

Photo-3: the patient was transferred to the hospital where it was applied dark net …,
Photo-4: after one week the patient was discharged home without improvement with enlarged, draining and bleeding wound, and macerated epidermis around – with information that possibly one should be reckoned with leg amputation in the knee  – it’s worth to compareFoto-4 with Foto-1.   

Starting treatment – with help tamp . Tubulex :
Photo-5: start treatment with tampons Tubulex   
Photo-6: replacing the tampons …

Photo-7: after 3 days of use Tubulex : the wound does not seep and does not bleed as before, start wound healing process – the 2nd “island” of the new epidermis on the left was created, and the banks were formed the wounds are slightly flattened…                                                                                            
Photo-8: after 1 weeks on the edge of the wound – the process of growing new epidermis started

Photo-9: the oblique epithelium grows around the edges and gradually wound – decreases ..,
Photo-10: after 14 dn. application Tubulex – a new epidermis grows

Photo-11: after 3 weeks of use Tubulex – the patient is standing, the wound area is significantly reduced ..,
Photo-12: after 4 weeks of use Tubulex  obliquely growing healthy throughout the periphery skin ..

Photo-13: further accumulation of healthy epidermis and reduction of the healing wound ..,
Photo-14: on wound Tubulex ; 
Photo-15: after 6 weeks – wound healing

Photo-16: after 7 weeks of use Tubulex – bottom of the wound it is purified – its further diminishing ..,
Photo-17: picture wounds enlarged ..,

Photo-18: morning after 3 months. from the start of treatment,
Photo-19: started 4 months – cleansed skin around 70% of the wound reduced,

Photo-20: in this high magnification can be seen clearly sloping young skin, changing in a new healthy skin with even less intense color, but healthy, because of the same temperature and feeling the raturze and the patient 7 January 2015. – she ended 88 years!

The patient is   diabetic and from  5   he has a wound on the toe of the left leg,   treated   with the help of many different ointments and swabs – without a result. The wound makes it difficult to bend and straighten the left toe, and walking in footwear it is painful and very onerous in everyday life – it also makes personal hygiene difficult. However, the patient has systematic help .

Photo-1a: healing from  5  years morning before treatment,
Photo-1b: magnification,

The above-mentioned wound can be classified according to the pressure ulcer classification   IV degree, i.e. total damage skin and subcutaneous tissue, with necrotic black tissue at the bottom of the wound. Very important active in patients with long and difficult to heal wounds   that is to take a decision by the patient about the desire to recover and apply to the doctor’s several months, mats syste manual therapy. It means to be: consistent and systematic in changing dressings, hygiene , diet and care, e.g.   no   scraping the often itchy wound at night .

Photo-2a: the wound is cleaning up after 2  weeks of use Tubulex
Photo-2b: magnification,

Spontaneous cleansing of the wound from black necrotic tissue and visible on her bottom, the young granulation tissue, are signs   (evidence) – the healing process begins, i.e. regeneration of the subcutaneous tank and skin.  

Nurse’s comment after a few weeks:

  • wound has already decreased by 1/3 of its area,
  • I have already observed the first symptoms of improvement after 1 week,
  • in addition, the patient often had eyes are blown – which made it difficult to see,
  • previously always by  several days I had to use   drops or ointments with an antibiotic,  
  • it’s enough now 1 razor tamping once Tubulex and the eyes are free of oil,
  • use Tubulex – does not cause pain, swelling or burning sensation,
  • the patient is satisfied with the visible improvement, she willingly cooperates ,
  • such a reaction of skin tissues –  earlier by 5 years were not … “

Photo-3: wound in  6 weeks of treatment Tubulex – it is cleansing, a young granule tissue is already visible on its bottom, and also a very delicate light layer of the epidermis, and the high edges of the wound initially, have already flattened and become light slanted, and the skin around the circumference of the wound is color normal.

Photo-5: wound after 6 months from the start of treatment – it can be considered already healed .

Presented documentation from healing the wound on the foot of a patient suffering from diabetes  – there are only a few that have been cured in the last few years with the help of tamp Tubulex and changing the diet.   

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